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  • Our History

    Jack and Marie Brohl began growing produce at their property on Heydenreich Road in 1966. We took produce and perennials to sell at the Detroit Eastern Market. We grew our produce in hotbeds which are wooden boxes filled with manure and covered with soil. Every night we had to cover the hot boxes up with window-like sheets of glass to protect them from the weather and animals. Having the glass sheets break and the constant work of covering we decided to build a wooden greenhouse. In total, we had six wooden greenhouses in all different sizes and one metal greenhouse on our farm. Due to having extra room in our greenhouses, we started to grow Begonias and Marigolds. The demand for annuals increased at the Detroit Eastern Market so that is when we made the decision to focus more on flowers.

    In October 1980, we moved to our current location in Macomb on 25 and Romeo Plank. We started off with 6 metal greenhouses which we filled with all different types of annual flowers.

    Being so busy with our annuals in the Spring and Summer months we decided to continue to grow annuals in the Fall and Winter months to keep our customers coming back and to keep ourselves busy. We planted mums in our fields where we would take around 100 down to the Eastern Market to sell. Having success with the mums we then planted them in our greenhouses to keep them in a controlled environment. We branched out and started to plant poinsettias in our greenhouses in the winter months which would only give us about a month of downtime before the Spring planting would begin again.

    Today we are still located on 25 and Romeo Plank with 40 greenhouses. We grow our annuals, vegetable, and herb plants in the Spring/Summer months. Mums in the Fall following with Poinsettias, grave blankets, and wreaths in the winter months. We are a local, family business that has had four generations be apart of our greenhouse history. We are extremely grateful and thankful to our customers for continuing to give us this opportunity.